Pierre Bouguennec, Founder and President of Boum Design, was born in Brittany, France, and arrived in New York City in 1982. After some years in the fashion industry Bouguennec switch to furniture making. The scope of his commission grew, as his practice expanded, to include: Exhibition Design - Furniture - office Buildings - Visual & performing Arts venues and most importantly, the creation of Boum Design Inc in 1987, starting his career among the most experimental designers of the emerging American Design: David Khouri, Roberto Guzman, Christopher C Deam, Nick Dine, Harry & Camilla and Marre Morel.

Bouguennec became a member of the famed G7 in 1999, exhibiting in the off-site Milan Furniture fair and at ICFF in New York City. Bouguennec’s “Plug In”, a unique light design, won two awards at the Paris Furniture Fair in 1987. Soon after, “Metamorphosis” his innovative inflatable furniture design was published and exhibited in Europe and America. Soon after Bouguennec taught Design & concept at Parson school of design.

Boum Design inc then expanded the scale of its work to Architecture, designing and building apartments and boutiques in Manhattan, and houses in the Hamptons.

Boum Design Inc is a fully licensed general contractor of New York City and also has built projects for famous Architectural firms as Work AC adding to its own design.